Once you are in a brand’s portal, the Products Page acts as the main repository of all the products that have been loaded into NuORDER from this view you can search, sort, and filter all the brand’s products. Please note, some brands will have turned this function off.

Filtering Products

From this view you can browse and filter products using the filtering options on the left-side of the screen.

Viewing Individual Products

You can take a closer look at the products on this page by clicking the magnifying glass on any style you see.

Another way to see more detail is to click anywhere on the product to view details and set quantities.

Adding Items to Cart

There are several ways to add items to your cart. The quickest and most common way is to click the Cart Icon on any individual product.

Adding Multiple Items to Cart

You can add multiple items to your cart by checking the box for the items you would like to add. Once selected, you can select the icon in the top right to Add to Order.

Once you have filtered and/or searched for products, using the Select All function is a quick way to add to order.