Digital Tradeshow Onboarding (Brands)

A course to help you get up and running!

Digital Tradeshow Onboarding (Brands)

Onboarding Path

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Your Digital Tradeshow Onboarding
How Does It All Work?

Getting Started

Getting Access

Setting Up Your Booth Page

Creating a Booth Page
Sites Manager
My Pages
Information Panel
Editing Your Page
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Product Data

The Product Data Template
Filling Out Your Template
Uploading Your Template
Product Data Helpful Tips
Confirm Your Product Data Upload

Product Images

Product Image Overview
Image Files
Image File Naming Convention
Uploading Your Images
Managing Unmatched Images
Product Images Helpful Tips
Confirming Your Image Upload

Linesheet Guidance

Create Linesheet via Product Gallery
Create a Linesheet via Linesheet Tab
Customizing Linesheets
Sending Linesheets
Linesheet Helpful Tips


Ongoing Webinars
On-Demand Webinars

Company Data

Company Data Overview
Filling Out Your Template
Uploading Your Company Data
Company Data Best Practices
Confirm Your Company Data Upload

Building Your Portal

Getting Creative!

Homepage and Virtual Showroom Pages

Virtual Showroom Overview
Site Manager
Your Homepage
Building a Virtual Showroom
Virtual Showroom Best Practices

Interacting With Buyers

The Buyer Data Template
Filling Out Your Template
Uploading Your Buyer Data
Confirming Your Buyer Data Upload
Buyer Data Helpful Tips
Connection Requests
Connection Request Email Notifications
Guest Buyer Product Visibility
Accepting Retailer Connection Requests

Carts & Orders

Draft Orders
Allocation Summary
Order Details
Order Review

Advance Topics

A Little More

Wrapping Up


About this course

About this course

Welcome to the Digital Tradeshow Event Onboarding Course! We are excited to help you get everything prepared for your upcoming show.
This course will guide you through all the necessary steps to build a great looking NuORDER Portal. We will walk you through everything from uploading your product data and images
to creating beautiful and engaging virtual showroom pages with an easy drag and drop functionality. Remember! Go at your own pace and you will be up and running in no time!

In this course we will help you:

      • Upload your Product Data
      • Upload your Product Images
      • Upload Customer & Buyer Information
      • Create Engaging Virtual Showroom Pages
      • Much more!